VIS MOTRIX DANCE COMPANY and ENTER PILATES co-organizing a contact improvisation workshop with Yaniv Mintzer at STUDIO VIS MOTRIX (Edison street number 4 – Thessaloniki – Greece) from Monday 8 of September until 11 of September 2014 (5pm – 9pm everyday).
The cost of the workshop is 80 euros

“Follow the fall”

“What I would like to share with you is my passion for the magic of the moving body.
The possibility of endless growth and discovery, that comes with curiosity, imagination and playfulness.

We will work a lot with the following subjects:

falling- down, up and into horizontal space, alone and together.
water and air- fluidity, suspension, elasticity and spiral dynamics
the back space- trust, surprise and courage. reading and perceiving space.
imagination and images- discovering our body’s ability to expand and transform at any moment!

In these 4 days we will draw on material from the frame work of CI (solo, duos and trios), as well as material informed by the work of Mr Ilan lev- a mode of therapy i’ve been working with. (

Yaniv Mintzer
dancer, performer, musician

Originally trained in jazz improvisation in the Berklee college of music in Boston, yaniv began dancing in 2004, studying with major CI teachers in America- Ray Chung, Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh and Andrew Harwood.
Upon his return he began teaching in Israel for dance schools and professional dance trainings, as well as touring in Europe to teach, in more recent years.
Yaniv also composes and performs improvised music for dance.

For more information please contact with Kostas Gerardos at 6932626741 or visit STYDIO VIS MOTRIX page at facebook
There is FREE accommodation for those who want to attend to the workshop

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